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What’s an MLS?

MLS refers to Multiple Listing Services. A Multiple Listing Service is a marketplace where brokers can advertise listings for buyers and other brokers. They are local and represent data for specific regions. MLSs are available to real estate agents that pay for a membership. Why are MLSs important when buying or selling property?

Think of MLSs like a Facebook yard sale site. When you are interested in purchasing, for instance, a couch, where is the first place you’d look? You’d get on Facebook and search Great Falls, Montana, yard sale if looking for a couch near Great Falls. If you were looking in Colorado near Denver, you’d look up that yard sale sight. Sellers and buyers alike visit these sites to find what they’re looking for. The same is true for MLSs. Real estate agents give buyers access to MLS to search for land, homes, farms, and ranches. In Montana, there are four Multiple Listing Services. Corder and Associates have membership access to every single one. Typically, a brokerage will belong to the MLS of their local area. However, we have agents across Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and North Dakota.

Additionally, we belong to MLSs in the latter states and Montana. This is significant for buyers and sellers. If we list your property, it will have exposure from every MLS in the state. As buyers, we can search listings that might not be on each MLS. We’ll be able to look through the most extensive list giving you the best opportunity to find what you’re looking for.

Multiple Listing Services are updated and verifiable. Zillow can be inaccurate and have listings that are no longer available. This can be frustrating when trying to look successfully for your dream property. Listing properties on this marketplace fosters competitive pricing and market competition. With access to the MLS, our brokerage can review the data to understand the market and its trends best. With this information, we can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. MLS marketplaces provide a centralized home buying and selling process for everyone. Last year, 86% of sellers listed their properties on local MLSs, the number one sources to list.

Ultimately, an MLS provides choice. It’s a secure marketplace without the scams and fake listings that places like Craigslist and Facebook have. Be sure to consult with a broker with access and membership with an MLS. Corder and Associates are happy to help you list or find you a property.

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