Scholarship Opportunity

We are passionate about giving back to the community and feel strongly about supporting students as they venture out to launch their college careers.

Annual Scholarship Program

Corder and Associates specialize in real estate; however, they also make it their business to be active in their community. From participating in the Summer Celebration themed parades to sponsoring sporting events in the schools, Corder and Associates believe in giving back. The Give Back Program was initiated 16 years ago with the idea of donating a portion of every sale back to a nonprofit organization. Each agent within Corder and Associates gets to choose the nonprofit organization that they give a portion of their earnings to and have expressed their fondness of presenting that check each year.

As part of the Give Back Program, Trampus and Staci Corder, co-founders of Corder and Associates, LLC, are proud to present their twelfth annual scholarships to graduating seniors from any Chouteau County high school that are planning to attend post-secondary education with major in Business and/or Agricultural.

“We are passionate about giving back to the community and feel strongly about supporting students as they venture out to launch their college careers. We strive to contribute through this Give Back Program and in different ways through various sporting activities as well,” said Corder and Associates Broker and owner Staci Corder.

Each scholarship is available in the amount of $500 each. Qualifying applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA to apply and provide a high school transcript. Two letters of recommendation and a 500-700 word essay describing educational endeavors, participation in school and community activities, scholastic achievements, and personal goals are also required.

Applications are also available at the Corder and Associates, LLC office located at 1312 Front Street in Fort Benton. Students are welcome to stop by anytime from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday! For additional information or any questions, please call the office at 406-622-3224. Completed applications will need to be turned in by April 1, 2024.

  • Cade Ball (Fort Benton)
  • Casha Corder (Fort Benton)
  • Taryn Diekhans (Highwood)
  • Not Pictured – Tosha Allderdice (Big Sandy)
  • Not Pictured – Lainey Terry (Big Sandy)
  • Landis Argenbright (Fort Benton)
  • Hailee Wang (Fort Benton)
  • Rainie Halko (Fort Benton)
  • Kylie Danbrook (Fort Benton)
  • Brynn Leistiko (Geraldine)
  • Not Pictured – Bryson Bahnmiller (Highwood)
  • Not Pictured – Emerson Giese (Fort Benton)
  • Elizabeth Summers (Geraldine)
  • Savannah Weaver (Big Sandy)
  • Samantha Vielleux (Fort Benton)
  • Ashlee Wang (Fort Benton)
  • Jackson Schmele (Fort Benton)
  • Brock Hanford (Fort Benton)
  • Not Pictured – Tim Lane (Fort Benton)
  • Not Pictured – Liana Santos (Fort Benton)
  • Hayden Diekhans (Fort Benton)
  • Hailey McKenzie (Fort Benton)
  • Maci Molinario (Fort Benton)
  • Jozlyn Baumann (Big Sandy)
  • Jonna McCullough (Geraldine)
  • Katherine Bold (Big Sandy)
  • Georgia Wortman (Big Sandy)
  • Not Pictured – Ryan Seaman (Geraldine)
  • Not Pictured – Jaelyn Vielleux (Fort Benton)
  • Andrea Rutledge (Big Sandy)
  • Dakota Terry (Big Sandy)
  • Layla Brinkerhoff (Fort Benton)
  • Not Pictured – Erik Nielsen (Geraldine)
  • Louis Aron (Highwood)
  • Marissa Gannon (Fort Benton)
  • Coya Nack (Fort Benton)
  • Not Pictured – Tristan Naeseth (Fort Benton)
  • Makae Nack (Fort Benton)
  • Riley Kurtz (Geraldine)
  • Not Pictured – Madison Reichelt (Fort Benton)