Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our experience and efforts that we put it in writing. If you are not satisfied with our marketing services for any reason-FIRE US! No hidden fees, no hidden buyout, no hassle. You are in control—The way it should be!

What Corder and Associates, LLC Offers You

Confidence System

A property generates the most interest when it first hits the market. There is a bubble of existing purchasers that meet the homes “Buyer Profile”. This set of buyers is called “The Market”. We know that our firm will do our part in successfully building a comprehensive and detailed listing package and distribute the listing to where The Market is searching. This includes but is not limited to exposure on 1500 websites, top positioning in print and social media, distribution to our Local and International Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as well as distribution to all local real estate agents.

When a seller selects a “go to market” listing price, within 30-60 days (90 days for land) of activating the listing The Market with decide one of 3 things.

  1. It appears to be priced correctly; let’s go see it
  2. It appears to be a little high in price; let’s call/email to get some info
  3. Let’s watch it over time, no contact made

Allowing a property to stay at the same price point for longer than 60 days (90 days for land) is a disadvantage to the seller. The property quickly becomes stale, the active buyers in The Market move on, and all that is left is a sellers and agents prayer that a new buyer will occasionally enter the market and for some unexplainable reason make a different decision from the previous buyers in The Market. To avoid this unfortunate situation we have developed our CONFIDENCE SYSTEM which analyzes market activity by reviewing web reporting statistics, compiling data including the number of showings and feedback from Buyers and their showing Agents. This leads to one of the following conclusions:

  1. We get an offer — We nailed the price point
  2. We get regular showings but no offers — Priced 3-5% high
  3. We get internet views & just a few showings — Price 5-8% high
  4. We get internet views & just a few showings — Price 5-8% high
  5. Low internet views — Let’s Talk!

The savvy seller will quickly make the price adjustment and commit to review the data every 30-60 days (90 days for land). By continuously analyzing and adjusting the price point we find the market value and sell the property at the highest price The Market will bear.