Montana Farms For Sale

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With 30+ active listings, totaling well over $10 million in value, The Corder and Associates team are experts at all types of Cattle farms and ranches for sale in Montana. Our vast experience in Montana real estate is not only in ranches, luxury homes, and cabins but also specifically with cattle farm property. Here we will be breaking down just what to expect if you are in the market for a premium listing in the state of Montana

The Farming Industry In Montana

An abundance of natural resources in this state creates an extremely fertile environment for Montana’s largest industry – agriculture. The state boasts almost 28,000 farms and ranches spread across 59.7 million acres. They are exceptionally large, averaging 2,134 acres each. Producing a wide range of commodities, wheat and beef top Montana’s list. However, you’ll also find sweet cherries, sugar beets, seed potatoes and hay, to name a few. Montana is a national leader in the production of certified organic wheat, dry peas, lentils and flax, and ranks No. 2 in the U.S. for its honey and pollination industry. Altogether, the Big Sky State’s agriculture industry brings an average of $5.2 billion to the economy annually.

An Overview Of The Montana Real Estate Market

According to the  United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service, in 2021 the average cost of an acre of Pasture Land was about $700 per acre in 2021, up 2.9% from 2020.  The price of an acre of farmland tells a similar story as well,  being $1,050 up 1.9% from 2020. This figure comes as an average of irrigated, non-irrigated, farmland. With the prevalence of agriculture in Montana’s economy, this is a great indicator of overall land value. This however can range depending on various factors including specific land use, overall property size, and of course the location.

Finding Farms For Sale In Montana

Farms For Sale in Montana can be a hot commodity with inventory trends and current demand in the state. This is a primary reason why working with an experienced local real estate agent can make a difference. We recommend starting by Browsing the inventory of properties currently available using a property search map, you can get a better sense of where in the state you can expect to find the right property for you