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Thank a Farmer

Get ready to celebrate all things agriculture because the United States is gearing up for National Agriculture Week from March 17 to 24, 2024, with a special National Ag Day on March 19, 2024! It’s a time when we all tip our hats to farmers, ranchers, and those who make sure we’re clothed. The Agriculture Council of America aims to spread the love for agriculture, shout out its vital role in our daily lives, and spark a farming career idea. This year’s theme is “Agriculture: Growing a Climate for Tomorrow,” and the gang at ATTRA is all pumped up to join the party and give agriculture the high-five it deserves!

History of National Agriculture Week

Agriculture is the primary contributor to the American food supply. Notably, the United States is a net exporter of food, underscoring the industry’s dual role in sustenance and economic prosperity. The U.S.’s rich agricultural heritage played a pivotal role in attracting European colonists, who brought with them farming practices that left a lasting imprint on American soil.

The influx of European colonists heralded the introduction of diverse livestock species to the American landscape, triggering significant changes in the natural environment. Over time, as the population burgeoned and settlements expanded westward, American agriculture experienced exponential growth, leading to a diverse array of crops and livestock.

Distinct agricultural frontiers emerged across the nation, with the western regions cultivating wheat, the eastern regions specializing in livestock farming, and the southern areas dominated by cash crops like tobacco and cotton. In contrast, northern farmers focused on subsistence farming, selling any surplus produce in local markets.

Historical milestones such as the Civil War and the Second World War catalyzed the centralization of the agricultural sector, ushering in systematic agricultural practices. The establishment of the Agriculture Council of America in 1973 marked a significant stride towards supporting farmers and fostering advancements in agricultural techniques.

Comprising influential figures in agriculture, food production, and farming, the Agriculture Council of America operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the crucial role of agriculture in American society. Concurrently, the inception of National Agriculture Day, alongside the council’s formation, evolved into a week-long celebration known as National Agriculture Week, which annually honors the significance of agriculture and aims to promote awareness of its potential and vitality.


5 Fascinating Facts About Agriculture Everyone Should Be Aware Of:

  • 22 million people are employed in the agriculture sector.
  • Every farmer now feeds 144 people, a significant increase from one farmer feeding 25 people in the 1960s.
  • On average, a farmer operator spends 58.3 years on the farm throughout their lifetime.
  • The average farm size in the U.S. is approximately 434 acres.
  • 11% of farmers in the U.S. are former military personnel.

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