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Rural Relocation a Result of Pandemic

The pandemic has prowled through the world leaving its mark on every country and every industry. The real estate market, rural and residential, was no exception. Day to day life as we know it has taken on a new mission. Initially, the pandemic sent people to their homes to work virtually and help their kids navigate school virtually. The home has become an office, a classroom, and a place where the majority of time is spent. The “urban exodus” took place as families realized that more space was needed. Not only are families seeking homes with space for which to grow, but they are also seeking somewhere with fresh air and room to roam. After spending hours a day behind a flat screen, people are wanting to get outside and experience the three-dimensional world. The uncertainty of the future has people adjusting their priorities accordingly to have their health and mental wellbeing take precedence. Relocating to a rural setting allows families to spend time together without a thought to masks and mandates.

What is your idea of country living and what does it look like? Is it five acres with a chicken coop and an old farmhouse? As realtors, it’s our job to get you there. As a result of the city dwellers moving to smaller communities or ranchettes in the country, inventory is depleted. Real estate companies are inundated with qualified buyers searching for their dream property but scarce properties to choose from on the active market. Some owners are seeking to sell but fear they won’t have a place to go after selling. Rental properties are hard to come by as people resort to renting when they cannot find something to purchase.

Recreational properties are just as popular in today’s market. Owning land is in demand especially if it features any kind of surface water. People desire a place to take their kids and watch the amber glow of the sun rising and peaking over the mountain tops. The pandemic has taught us that now more than ever time is precious. Spending time with loved ones is at the top of our priority lists. Land that we can take our kids hunting or fishing on completes the dream to make as many memories as possible. For many, the decision to purchase land or move to a remote area is no longer being put off. The time is now. People are purchasing recreational, farm and ranch, and rural properties at a stunning rate. With the continued buying pressure, we at Corder and Associates expect to see a strong market continue throughout the coming year.

If the country is calling, agents in the industry are adapting to meet the clients’ needs. People are trading in the busy lifestyle for a more peaceful, secure life. And life, as we know it, may not return to what it once was. The need for adventure still captivates buyers. After being cooped up in apartments and small homes for months on lockdown, people are craving the open space, fresh air, and the security of knowing they have a place to escape. Perhaps it’s time for you to get your piece of paradise as well. One thing we can all take away from the pandemic is to spend our time wisely, including who we spend it with and where.

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