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Public Land Grazing Fee

Oftentimes, land transactions involving farms and ranches may include leases with BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Landowners can pay the BLM to allow their cattle or livestock to graze on the public land. The Bureau of Land Management is keeping the federal grazing fee steady at $1.35 per animal unit month for 2024, while the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service is sticking with their head month rate also at $1.35 per animal. Here’s the scoop on this fee frenzy:

  • Picture a cow, calf, horse, or five sheep or goats having a month-long party on public lands to understand what an animal unit month or head month means.
  • The updated fee kicks in on March 1, 2024, and will impact approximately 18,000 BLM grazing permits and over 6,250 Forest Service permits.
  • This fee formula has been around since the ’70s, thanks to Congress and an executive order from ’86, making sure it never drops below $1.35, with a maximum 25% yearly adjustment.
  • Based on a ’66 value of $1.23, this fee keeps up with private grazing lease rates, cattle prices, and livestock production costs.
  • The BLM and Forest Service are all about teaming up with ranchers to keep the Wild West’s public rangelands happy and healthy! 🌾🐄🚜

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