Corder's Corner

Need To Sell Your Farm or Ranch Along the Rocky Mountain Corridor?

Whether you’re searching for a remote sanctuary, pasture to summer your cattle, or a getaway near a resort town, the Rocky Mountain Front ranches are synonymous with the traditions of the American West. Choosing a realtor to sell your eidetic piece of property is important! It can make a notable difference in choosing a land specialist with knowledge about the life you live and are now selling. A realtor who strives to preserve family ranches, farms, and rural communities by carrying on the stewardship practices that have supported and protected our landscape fort the last hundred years might describe the realtor that you seek to represent your property. Anyone can list your property with the information you give them, but an expert in the field can truly enhance a listing and provide significant information to buyers to maximize time spent on quality leads.

The ranches, farms, timberland, fly fishing, and hunting properties sprawled out along the Rocky Mountain Front rival those located anywhere in the country. At Corder and Associates, we live the life we sell™. As a 5th generation farmer/rancher, it made sense for me to establish the leading farm and ranch real estate company. Our dynamic brokerage expertise with boots on the ground knowledge is deeply implemented within our principles. Whether you’re selling a Montana legacy farm and ranch or a piece of recreational land to hunt on in Colorado, be sure that you do your research. A good land specialist will do their research as well. For example, a land broker needs to evaluate the seller, the property, and the buyer and his or her plan for the property. A buyer might be excitedly planning to run cattle on some grazing ground, but is there adequate water to sustain livestock? Will you have to haul water? Does the buyer have the means to do so?

In addition, a property sale can have many moving parts such as what rights are contained in the land. Are there water, timber, or mineral rights? What easements are there if any? Be sure the land broker has far-reaching networks of other professionals in the field including a minerals economist, a site planner, a forester, or an agricultural consultant. Corder and Associates has land brokers with Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) and Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg) credentials. We’re equipped to tell you what commodities you might see grow in certain parts of Montana and how well. We utilize soil maps that break down the ground makeup and are aware of annual precipitation amounts throughout the state. A biologist is on our team to answer important questions about wildlife, conservation, etc. These key attributes provide invaluable research and networking to ensure your farm or ranch is paired with the most qualified buyer financially and compatibly. Choose wisely and you won’t be disappointed. Choose a brokerage that lives the life they sell!

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