Corder's Corner

Land Staging

Staging isn’t just a concept for home sales. Land staging farmsranchesrecreational, and hunting land can be just as essential as home staging. Staging is a method utilized to help a listing stand out among others on the market by enhancing its attractiveness to buyers. It shouldn’t require too much of a monetary investment if you aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves and doing most of it yourself.

Where do you start? First off, try to look at your property from a buyer’s point of view. Does the property look clean, organized, fresh, and inviting? We want to highlight all of the key features so if the views are something to behold, make sure there’s a clear field of vision by trimming up trees and clearing out brush. Access points are significant. Are the roads leading to your property repaired and offering easy access? Is it often too muddy in some spots? You can put some gravel down to allow buyers and agents to get to your property for showings. The last thing you want is for your buyer to imagine all the work that needs doing before they can start to enjoy.

Next, take care of any clutter. We’ve been on showings where clients often raise a brow and wonder who is going to take care of all the old machinery, cars, and garbage. It’s best to have these things cleared out so that buyers don’t have any negatives to remember about your listing.

Listing your farm or land is a great time to increase the functionality of the property. Are there any portions of the fence that need mending? One of the most popular questions from buyers with bare land is how far is power? How deep do you need to dig for wells? Although it can be thought of as the buyer’s responsibility, these things can help you edge out other competing listings if you already have utility lines installed or answers to these questions. The more information, the better. Taking these actions of preparedness only helps ensure a sale and a quick one at that.

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