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Add Land to Your Shopping Lists: Why It’s a Smart Move During the Winter

After a busy couple of weeks hustling to get packages wrapped and mailed, people have had their attention redirected. There have been holiday parties at the office and friends and family visiting. Everyone’s been baking goodies and hanging up decorations. You may think that postponing your search for farms and ranches until after the busy holidays is the way to go but continuing your search amid all the distractions is quite smart. Let me share with you why.

Cold temperatures may dissuade you from checking out land listings but fall and winter are the perfect times to see the lay of the land. Trees are bare and easy to see past. Bright white snow covering the ground makes an excellent contrast to formations and timber. Winter access is usually a common concern. Now you can evaluate those private country roads and whether you’ll be able to pass during winter months.

In the world of real estate, land sales are slightly cool when November comes around. With people actively looking, you can take advantage of potentially making a deal! Land prices often reflect the lull of the market currently and sellers are apt to deal with a buyer willing to move quickly even if it means accepting a lower price. There are typically fewer buyers looking at land during the winter months, so this gives you an opportunity and a competitive edge.

A covering of snow takes the risk of stumbling on snakes or getting attacked by mosquitos out of the equation. Adding layers and some boots can be more appealing than hiking around in the scorching heat of summer. What’s more, your lender might be able to offer you a better deal on financing. Generally speaking, interest rates are lower in the fall and winter months. If you’re looking at the whole picture, that could save you thousands over the lifetime of a loan. Lenders are also competing for your business and may be more open to negotiating terms. Fewer buyers result in less paperwork for title companies and closings can be relatively quick.

It is a smart move to look for farms, ranches, hunting, and recreational land during the cold season. Are you ready to get out there? It’s a big decision to purchase land, so consult with a land specialist to ensure you are well-educated on the ins and outs of any real estate transaction.

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