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Wake Up to Waterfront Property

Something about water has a magnetic pull on people. Water is the essential life-giving element and while it is required to live, it is also monumental in making life worth living! Living on or near water offers so many more opportunities it feels like. Furthermore, the memories made are what spark the hats and t-shirts with “Lake Life” gimmicks. Life on the lake or at the riverside cabin flows day by day, serene and steady. Waterfront property provides an investment with a high resale value as well.

In the Rocky Mountain states, we have riverfront, lakefront, and creek side. In addition to having high resale value, waterfront investment properties can earn income as vacation rentals when you’re not able to get your family out of town. Many benefits come from owning waterfront land. For many, it is part of the great American dream. Waking up to the sound of water gently sloshing against the wooden dock and feeling the sun rays kiss your skin before leaping into an alpine crystal-clear lake almost requires a pinch to make sure you’re not dreaming. In fact, the peaceful and calming effect has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s no mistake that people and animals “flock” to the wonderlands with waves. Studies also show that living near water can improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to health benefits, such a purchase and ownership can provide long-term financial benefits as well. Waterfront property has higher resale when compared to other property investments. Because of their exclusivity and high demand, waterfront properties appreciate in value faster than other properties. Typically, waterfront properties are private, exclusive, and provide tons of recreational activities. Kayaking, fishing, swimming, floating, and waterskiing are all wonderful ways to enjoy the crisp waters.

As the property owner of a waterfront property, you may have to take other precautions or a bit of extra maintenance. These can include regular inspections of the foundation or checking for damage due to inclement weather. Since these properties are often not lived in full time, security measures can be important to keep the property safe.

Search for vacation or waterfront properties at We have a team of agents located throughout Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and North Dakota who can help you find your dream property for hunting, farm and ranch, or homes!

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