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Tips & Thoughts on How to Sell a Ranch

Few decisions are more consequential than the decision to sell your large land parcel or ranch. These valuable parcels of land come in all sizes and might include but are not limited to land used for hunting, hay and cattle production, fishing and recreation, high fenced exotics, vineyards, and working ranches or farms. The most important thing that you have to do as the seller is to gather data and information in order to make sound decisions and to best equip your agent to successfully list and sell your land. This can be quite time consuming and can seem daunting. However, here are some ideas that can help you be organized and efficient when selling your land.

The first step is to determine what to brand your property as. For example, will it be agricultural, timber, or a wildlife mecca? Also, be aware of the mineral ownerships, production, and wind and water rights. Gather surveys, legal descriptions, and tax information. Know what leases are imposed on your land such as BLM or other agricultural leases.

Locate any conservation easement documents if applicable. Include well logs, zoning information, local utilities, and an inventory list of exclusions and inclusions, and income/expense performance statements listing as many years as possible. Consider your land’s boundaries and property lines, and keep in mind how much is wooded, in crop or hay production, and how many acres there are of native grasses for grazing. Be sure to collect information on how many water features are included on your land and depths of ponds or lakes.

In addition, you will need to encompass off record items such as distances to nearby airports including the length of runways. The more information you can collect, the easier it will be for your agent making the process smooth and fluent.

There are a couple of decisions that involve the simple “basics” when selling. The list is a bit longer when selling a home with your land. The initial impression that a buyer grasps when seeing your home and land is the most significant. Therefore, staging your home is critical. You want it to look its best, be clean and organized, and have all deferred maintenance finished. Don’t forget the outlying barns and buildings when checking off your cleaning list. Fences need to be fixed and mended. Spray the fence lines for weeds and make sure your property is groomed and ready to be showed.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and photographs of your property is no exception. Get pictures of the wildlife that inhabit your land such as elk, deer, turkeys, mountain lions, ducks, geese, and fish. Aerial photos taken with a drone can and will enhance the buyer’s experience often times leading to a more successful listing. Pictures sell! Also, consider what type of vehicle is adequate for showing your property. You want your agent to be able to get around and a low-profile car probably isn’t going to cut it!

If your ranch is primarily used for hunting and recreating, there are other categories on which to gather information. For example, you will want a list of the laws and regulations that pertain to hunting on your land including how many tags the land owner receives, licensing procedures, and the season dates. Financial reports are important if you lease out hunting rights or have outfitting on your land.

Yes, assembling all of the critical information necessary to make you the most knowledgeable seller you can be about your ranch listing is paramount. At this point, it is time to choose a marketing strategy. Before doing so, it is important to decide whether your ranch listing is going to be local, regional, or global in its appeal. In today’s competitive real estate business, a multi- faceted marketing campaign is a crucial tool for successfully selling properties.

Good marketing comes from a good real estate company. Corder and Associates have a marketing approach that is second to none. Our combination of a more modern and digital program paired with the more traditional market plan helps generate more views and leads than any other group in the industry. The Corder and Associates marketing program is a 360- degree marketing platform that is comprised of multiple advertising channels that are best for promoting farms, ranches, and recreational real estate. Our goal is to market each listing with an individualistic layout targeting places where your property will have the greatest exposure and be viewed by the most potential buyers.

Corder and Associates has recently begun its 4th season of LandLeaderÒ TV, a show that highlights North America’s most appealing properties, their landowners, and their unique lifestyles that go along with owning a special piece of Montana land. High quality film production coupled with gorgeous properties and exciting adventures will capture and deliver an experience of what it is like to own one of these magnificent pieces of land. Please tune in with us and the other 50 + million viewers on RFD-TV.

Once you have successfully fulfilled these requirements and gathered all the necessary documentation, it is my turn to pull on my boots and get to work for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have as my door is always open.

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