Sold Properties

Tiger Butte Ranch


Ranching has long been a staple of Montana’s culture and economy. This Tiger Butte ranch of four different parcels totaling 1280 acres is a rare opportunity to own a scenic, productive ranch in the heart of Montana. The iconic Tiger Butte mountain towers at an elevation of 6,991 feet and sets the backdrop for this beautiful area. Although most of the riches belong to the soil, the ranch is rich in history as it is home to its own pishkun or buffalo jump! The old homestead still stands as a reminder of simpler times and hours of hard work and perseverance. An old stone doorway marks the entrance to the root cellar, a nostalgic sight. There is a mature shelterbelt surrounding the homestead. Other structures that sit on the property include grain bins and old corrals, but all buildings would need repair. The perimeter and cross fencing has been well maintained. There are 400 acres of productive dry land hayfields. Currently, there is a lease in place for pasture and hay allowing for some extra income. There is no value that can be placed on the gorgeous views of the Highwood and Little Belt Mountains that reach high into the blue Big Sky while puffy white clouds cast moving shadows over the hundreds of round bales that speckle the gently sloping hills. Nutrient-filled grass and hay blanket the dirt attracting wildlife that inspires the hunter in us all. Central Montana produces most of Montana’s hay, the 11th ranking state in the nation for hay production. It is additionally the 9th state for alfalfa hay. The alfalfa that is harvested will do well to keep your animals hefty and warm during the cold winter months as it is high in nutrients and energy. Pay tribute to the classic way of life and enjoy the cutting-edge technology and methods while joining the ranks of the honored and scrupulous Montana farmers and ranchers.