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Sportsman Income Paradise


You can walk the land that is part of the Birthplace of Montana where cowboys and early settlers lived on this idyllic property. This historic land by the Missouri has remained substantially unchanged as when it was explored by the Lewis and Clark Expedition over two centuries ago. A remarkable 5.4% minimum ROI makes this an exceptional investment property with endless recreational value. Along with the 120 deeded acres comes 3 state leases totaling 1,120 acres. This choice property with its abundant wildlife borders Kingsbury Lake Waterfowl Refuge, which is comprised of a large 1,400 acre wetland, about 32 acres of small wetlands, 2,054 acres of native grassland, and 248 acres of tame grassland. Just imagine the limitless opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast! This impressive property is nestled in Chouteau County. Known as the Heart of the Golden Triangle, Chouteau County is the top ranking county in Montana for winter wheat production making this choice piece of land a perfect investment opportunity if you choose to farm it yourself, lease it to a local farmer, or let it remain in the CRP program. This property boasts breathtaking views of the Highwood Mountains which rise up from the surrounding grasslands providing the lover of the outdoors superior hunting and recreational opportunities. The farm is home to one of the best Pheasant, Sharp-tailed Grouse, and Hungarian Partridge hunting areas in Montana. You will see an abundance of Antelope, Whitetail and Mule Deer as well as world class Elk hunting just 20 miles east in the Highwood Mountains.