Sold Properties

Rustic Open Range Ranch


The barbed wire tightly clings to the fence post enclosing 1,434.99 acres of rolling luscious pasture. The Rocky Mountain Front looms in the distance separating the endless blue sky from the open range. The location represents some of Montana’s best scenery and land. Have dreams of becoming a Montana rancher? The Rustic Open Range Ranch provides one heck of a starter package as it includes a 1960 home with 3 bedrooms and 2,552 square feet of living space. The property also has a 40’ x 36’ shop, two shed/barns, a set of corrals, a well taken care of scale house with certified scales, and an older squeeze chute. Add to your already existing ranch and rent out the home. Give your cattle the wide-open acreage to roam.

The life-giving source of water is plentiful on this ranch. There is a spring that flows through Kipps Coulee and a reservoir. In addition, 4 wells are on the property at various depths and flow rates.

Access is easy and comes from the highway to a gravel drive. Four Horns Lake is nearby for excellent fishing opportunities. Glacier National Park is just beyond the Rocky Mountain Front. A short drive can bring you to vibrant fields of wildflowers and prominent snow-topped peaks with wildlife reveling in their paradise. The Rocky Mountain Front provides the ideal habitat for wildlife such as mule and white-tailed deer, antelope, beaver, grizzly bear, coyotes, and many different species of birds. Lake Frances is nearby for excellent fishing and water sports. The outdoor amenities of Montana are abundant. Hunt, fish, hike, camp, and adventure in the virtually untouched Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Some parts of the west are still wild so saddle up and claim this majestic and delightful ranch in the Big Sky state!