Sold Properties

Ray’s Migi Mart & Cattle Country Casino


At the junction of Highway 12 and Highway 191, Ray’s Migi Mart and Cattle Country Casino provide a place for travelers passing through an opportunity to stretch their legs, use the facilities, and grab a snack while fueling up! Ray’s is a staple point for people traveling to and fro as it lies in the heart of the Big Sky State in Harlowton. The convenience store, fuel pumps, and casino occupy a 5.883-acre parcel with ample parking and turn-around space for bigger rigs. The four fuel dispensers have been upgraded in the last 5-6 years, and there are three 8,000-gallon storage tanks for fuel. Sellers currently hold a contract with Conoco and lease gaming machines from Century Gaming. The convenience store offers groceries, refreshing hot and cold beverages, and memorable souvenirs. The retail area consists of approximately 7,000 square feet and was once utilized as a western wear store. In addition, two offices are in the upstairs area with a bathroom to accommodate any business that fills the space. The Cattle Country Casino has hot gaming machines and cold drinks for the weary traveler or the thirsty farmer or rancher looking to relax after a long day’s work. This turn-key business has been managed skillfully as the profit and loss statements will show. Since 1984, the establishment has resolutely served the community of Harlowton, visitors, hunters, anglers, and travelers. May the profitable tradition continue with new owners that are sure to be remembered as the meeting/resting point of any road trip in Montana!