Sold Properties

Productive Teton County Farmland


The smell of freshly turned black top-soil dense with nutrients begins the growing season. There is nothing more satisfying than trudging through thick, jade colored winter wheat and watching the heads fill with protein-rich grain. The late summer months ripen the wheat to a beautiful gold that resembles waves of amber. These 240 acres of farm ground are 10 miles from Dutton, Montana and lie in the sacred Golden Triangle that stretches from Conrad to Havre and anchors in Great Falls. This region produces more wheat than most other regions in the entire country. Weather conditions, soil type, and soil nutrients all combine to form the ideal growing conditions for wheat, barley and other small grain crops. The property is in close proximity to grain elevators. Conservation remains an utmost priority and is demonstrated by the seller’s diligent dozer work to eradicate erosion. Power stretches alongside the county road on the eastern border of the property. Springs producing water on the west side of the property could potentially be developed for cattle or livestock. Agriculture represents much of the viability; however, a gravel pit on the property extends further opportunity to generate income. The land sprawls out in Teton County where farming and ranching are main industries along the Rocky Mountain Front. Hunting and fishing abounds in this region. The property is in Hunting District 404 and serves as a wintering range for large herds of mule deer. The vegetation and grain provides cover and food for upland game birds, particularly sharp-tail grouse. Access is convenient off 4th Lane NE.