Sold Properties

Poignant Pishkun Ranch


The all-encompassing views of Pishkun Reservoir reflect the indigo sky. The calmness of the waters illustrates the solitude and tranquility of the peaceful prairie air. The Rocky Mountain Front displayed along the horizon draws a line that resembles a heartbeat against the vast sky. This handsome landscape curves and changes, no two parts the same. The dip and sway of the land give cattle unique golden acreage to explore. Aerial views provide a different perspective and philosophical wonderings. The sun peers up over the horizon from the east and to the west are noted limestone landforms including the Sawtooth Mountain and the Sun River Canyon. The Poignant Pishkun Ranch consists of 4,023.32 boundless acres with some in CRP for additional income. State and BLM leases will also convey with this sale. The property also borders several sections of additional State and BLM land that allows for bonus acreage for adventuring and recreating or hunting on. There are four tanks on the property that feed off a well. The property is located southwest of Choteau and approximately 17 miles northwest of Augusta, MT. A well-maintained public airstrip is situated on the northeast side of Choteau. Furthermore, the property is just over an hour from the nearest international airport in Great Falls, MT that offers direct flights all over the US. Access to this area is unrestricted and convenient from potentially anywhere! The tradition of ranching runs thick in Montana. The area can sustain or summer grazes upwards of 250+/- cow/calf pairs. Watch the calves gain weight daily as they are enriched with the incomparable nutrient-dense native grasses that flourish along the lush riparian zones of North Central Montana. The acreage is a mixture of benches and slopes all with sweeping views of the Rocky Mountain Front looming in the distance with its breathtaking formations and diverse ecosystems. Hunting and fishing in the area are a few added benefits as a result of the ideal habitats. This pristine parcel is a known wintering ground for trophy mule deer and elk. This area has some of the most stunning scenic displays in the northwest. Wouldn’t you like to navigate this land of sovereignty, roam free and join the ranks of the resilient rancher that has contributed to the agricultural industry of mighty Montana? This featured ranch continues to illustrate a remarkable state of open range as a result of the current owner’s outstanding stewardship of the Montana prairie.