Sold Properties

Hardscrabble Creek Ranch


Where can you find wildlife, wilderness, and wide-open spaces frequently filled with Wapiti? Hardscrabble Creek Ranch is situated 13 miles east of Lincoln, Montana and is a recreational utopia with a balanced combination of gently rolling emerald green meadows, mature stands of aspen trees, and wetlands with year-round sparkling springs. This property spans across 640 acres that provide sweeping views of snowcapped alpine vistas in this upper Blackfoot Valley area. Where the wilderness is still wild, the Hardscrabble Creek Ranch remains a rare novelty to those seeking land to purchase. Stewardship and preservation have been the factors keeping this retreat ultimately untouched. As such, the landscape is ideal for elk and other big game wildlife to seek cover and shelter. The 640 acres borders State of Montana lands that provide access to public lands offering more recreational opportunities. Additionally, the property allows access to the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Scapegoat Wilderness.