Sold Properties

Cultivate Growth, Produce Hay


Agricultural in North Central Montana is deep seeded. The Golden Triangle stretching from Conrad to Havre and anchoring in Great Falls produces more wheat than most other regions in the entire country. Soil is, as a result, highly sought after. Weather conditions, soil type, and soil nutrients all combine to form the ideal growing conditions for wheat, barley, hay and other crops. This parcel of 160 acres was in CRP until 2018. The seller has profited from producing 1.5 tons of hay per acre. The lush grass alfalfa mix is full of nutrients to help calves pack on the pounds and gain hearty weight. The central location of the land puts you in proximity to Choteau, Fairfield and Augusta. Fish the Sun River, Pishkun Reservoir or Willow Creek Reservoir. There is good access off the county road a quarter of a mile to the property. There is a well and power to the property.