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Clark Fork River Recreational Retreat


Two fireplaces glow putting off a warmth throughout this tri-leveled, 3-bedroom home that is cozied up right next to the Clark Fork River. With 3000’ of water frontage out your front door, this 83+ acre property welcomes a family looking for a self-sustaining ranch with a spacious home that supplies gorgeous views out of every window, expect to see the river out of the east facing ones. A chicken coop is situated on the property and an irrigation well provides moisture for the garden and the fruit baring plums, cherry, and apple trees. The irrigation also helps supply nutrient-rich vegetation and alfalfa for any livestock to graze upon. New fencing surrounds the property with high deer fencing to protect the landscaped flower beds and garden in the yard from the frequent visiting wildlife. The picturesque setting that surrounds the home fills each window with a variation of the mountains and evergreens. Whether you are standing at the kitchen sink washing up some dishes or rocking on the front porch, you will be gazing at scenery. The picture windows in the living room open up to expose the bird bath, mountains in the background. The ranchette has a spacious master bedroom with regal white French doors opening out to a private deck that provides wonderful landscape. Crisp, white cabinets in the kitchen keep it bright while enjoying breakfast at the breakfast bar. Elements from nature are utilized in the den and basement giving a cabin feel with the wood paneling. Out the back door is spanning forest service land inviting you for hunting or recreating. Near the river, there is an ideal location for one to put in a dock for quick access to launch your fishing boat or floating raft. Enjoy the paved road that takes you all the way up the drive way keeping vehicles in excellent condition. This area is frequented by elk, bighorn sheep, white-tailed and mule deer, and wild turkeys. Just across the road is the Roundhorn Wildlife Management Area established to protect and conserve the habitat for the many bighorn sheep. It also serves as an access point to the bordering National Forest lands. If you dream about a beautiful property spanning out to provide seclusion and space, then you’ll want to make that dream a reality so that you can start falling asleep to the sounds of the waters gently lapping at the shoreline and the quiet whispers of the forest at night.