Our Team

Tim Holm is a Montanan through and through, unable to pick just a few things he loves about the Treasure State because it is truly the last best place! Growing up in White Sulphur Springs, he was knee-deep in ranch work, casting lines in rivers, chasing wild game, kicking back at rodeos, and living the quintessential Montana life. Following high school, he pursued studies in automotive mechanics at the Wyoming Technical Institute. Subsequently, he gained experience working at various ranches and later held roles as a technician and service manager at different Ford dealerships, raising three amazing kiddos along the way.

Transitioning to the real estate sector provided Tim with an avenue to interact with diverse personalities, fostering a deep appreciation for encountering fresh perspectives daily. Tim thrives on continuous learning and prioritizes delivering top-notch representation for his clients and their properties. His dedication to his work shines through, driven by a genuine desire to provide the best for his buyers and sellers. Drawing upon his profound understanding of the outdoors and insights gained from working on ranches, Tim seamlessly aligns with Corder and Associates’ ethos encapsulated in the trademarked phrase “living the life I sell™.” Reflecting his commitment to excellence, Tim embraces the philosophy captured in one of his cherished quotes by John Wayne: “A goal, a love, and a dream give you total control over your body and your life.”