Our Team

Tiana Carter is trading up the nomad lifestyle that she, her husband, and her two dogs have experienced for the last decade to settle in a community, make a house a home, and establish a career in the real estate industry! Tiana originally grew up in Weld County, Colorado but moved to Wyoming in 2009 where she graduated high school and went on to further her education in the Ag Business field. Opportunity came calling from the oil and gas industry and thus home became wherever the pipeline took them, from state to state. Tiana is currently residing in Laramie, Wyoming where she can enjoy all the wonderful things the outdoors offer.

The state of Wyoming is wild and western, so it suits her spontaneous spirit and her love for fishing, camping, off-roading, snowboarding, and all things outdoors. Instead of skyscrapers towering high above, majestic mountains cut into the wide-open blue skies. She is inspired to be able to share Wyoming’s versatility and its unique ability to provide enjoyment for any personality. The slower-paced lifestyle and serene solitude are characteristics that top her list as to why she loves the great state of Wyoming.

Her memories as an FFA member and an active 4H participant lay the foundation for the appreciation she has for the agricultural industry. A career in real estate allows Tiana to share her passions and sell the land that she loves to enjoy! She is eager to take on new challenges and feed her hunger for learning new things. Her listening skills and ability to pay attention to detail will help her connect with clients and uncover their ambitions. Whether it be her client’s dream to saddle up and run a Wyoming ranch, discover a hunting oasis tucked away in the forest, or develop an investment property to help institute a stronger future, she wants to help that vision become a reality.