Our Team

Applying her years of real estate experience, Staci Corder identifies market trends and understands valuation in recreational land, farms and ranches in her home state of Montana. Her involvement in numerous and exclusive transactions led to her career as a supervising broker and to launching a rapidly bourgeoning real estate company Corder and Associates with her husband, Trampus.

Utilizing her degree in business with an emphasis in marketing, Staci effectively designed a lucrative marketing platform and joined forces with LandLeader, one of the nation’s leading land brokers. After achieving merited success, the company flourished. Both she and Trampus work diligently to find agents with similar aspirations, have opened offices all over Montana and have extended their expertise into Wyoming, Colorado, and North Dakota to better serve the industry’s clientele. While navigating her journey of building a business from the ground up, Staci discovered a passion for starting and growing new ventures. Without the restrictions or limitations that can accompany a position when working under someone else, she enjoys the challenge of seeing how far she can climb without limits. She attributes her accomplishments to her strong will and self-motivation.

In concurrence with running a real estate company, Staci lives on a cattle ranch where she facilitates with vaccinations, breeding, and herd identification. She is a mother to three wonderful children whom she adores. The meaningful time she spends with her family and her   spirited grandkids top her list of pastimes. She has a heart for helping local communities and as a result, she helped institute the Give Back Program, a program initiated to share a percentage of commissions with a nonprofit in the community. Her leadership role in the company allows her to create trust and enrich communication with her team of agents. She derives great pleasure from watching others succeed. Her sweet smile and witty sense of humor allow her to form authentic relationships with clients. Staci specializes in recreational, farm and ranch sales. If she can take a dream of starting a business and help it to grow and thrive, imagine what she can do for you and your dreams!

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