Our Team

I was born and raised on an old dairy farm in Wisconsin, where we always had horses and some cows. Our modest plot was surrounded by thousands of acres of corn and cattle fields, prairies and timber. Growing up there provided my entertainment and education, while also formulating my worldview in terms of land use, farming, hunting, and a love for flora and fauna of all types. These instilled values have guided me throughout my entire life.

My first time in Colorado was in 1990 to hunt elk outside Gunnison. I fell in love and moved here in 1996. Throughout my time here, I have hiked, camped, fished, hunted, snowboarded, and rode my motorcycles in virtually every part of the state. I earned an undergrad degree in criminal justice, and eventually got my master’s degree in creative writing from Western Colorado University.

I bought my first home and property in rural Hesperus, outside of Durango, and unbeknownst to me at the time, that experience propelled me into my current career. The gratification of owning that property was immeasurable, and the relationship with my broker during the sale, as well as the outcome, was life-changing, so much so, that I have dedicated my life to the profession and utilizing my education, training, and experience to help others achieve their dreams of real estate ownership.

Colorado is a place where one can enjoy any lifestyle they choose. The unique topography of the state makes for wonderful climatic regions, and with a historic emphasis on freedom and individuality, the opportunities for business, real estate ownership, and outdoor recreation in Colorado are unsurpassed.

I know firsthand how incredible Colorado is. Whether it is the home you live in or having land to enjoy for whatever purpose you choose, the earth is our most important resource, and our quality of life directly depends on it. I endeavor to be a steward of this precious resource by helping facilitate the acquisition of the perfect ranching, farming, or recreational property, or the ideal home, to those who value the land the same way I do.