Our Team

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, a city girl with an unstoppable passion for horses. My hopes were always to build a life for me and my horses on a farm. However, life in the city doesn’t exactly support that.

At twelve years old, I joined the work force, bought my first horse, and boarded him at a local stable. To support my horses, I worked through high school, sometimes up to three jobs! I was blessed to be offered an apprenticeship right out of high school with a top-cutting horse trainer. My life then consisted of working seven days a week in a small travel trailer while taking care of horses and cattle and living off Mac n Cheese. No sacrifice was too great as I was finally on a ranch and in my own heaven.

My first visit to Montana was at the age of 17, and I was in awe of the beauty and space! Horse heaven! I informed my mom that I was moving to Montana someday. Through the years, I diligently worked to build a successful training and boarding business for horses, focusing on starting colts and working with kids. When the door opened for me to move my family to Montana, I had no second thoughts. My family and I moved to Trout Creek, Montana to be a caretaker for some former clients’ horses that had relocated. There, we started breeding Quarter Horses. I hand-picked mares that I thought would cross well with our stallions. The resulting foals became truly successful, all-around horses, from family ranch horses to show horses! We even had a few that earned multiple World and Reserve World titles in multiple events!

Aside from the enthusiasm that I have for horses, real estate is another passion of mine, and at the age of 38, I decided to change careers, another life change that I do not regret. I love helping people find the perfect property for them. It brings me such satisfaction to work towards a stress-free closing for both sellers and buyers. Additionally, it is easy for me to sell property in Montana, because I absolutely LOVE Montana. I can relate with the people that want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and relocate here. Clients become neighbors and friends.

I believe in service after the sale and am always here to help with anything from where to get your nails done to where to buy a pig. (Really!) I will do anything to help make the transition easier. There is a calmness that takes over your soul in Montana, and people often speak of this. Whether you are in the mountains on the back of a horse, snowmobiling the back country, fishing our amazing waters or just watching the majestic wildlife that call this state home, you cannot help but feel in awe of the beauty. This truly is an amazing place, and I have been so fortunate to be able to raise my family here and continue to call Montana home. I look forward to helping you find the perfect property that makes Montana home!