Our Team

Raised up on a farm and ranch in Conrad, Montana, Kelsey Eisenzimer fully harnessed the agricultural lifestyle. Her childhood encompassed animals and sports, two things that Kelsey remains passionate about. Riding horses, working cattle, participating in 4-H, and competing in basketball, volleyball, and golf taught her the importance of a hard work ethic and time management. As a self-motivated, go-getter, Kelsey attained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Redlands in southern California. While earning her education, she also played basketball at the collegiate level. Although she left Montana to achieve her own goals, she returned every summer to help on the farm and ranch.

Kelsey serves as the Fiscal Manager of a non-profit that assists abused women and children. The non-profit utilizes federal, state, and local grants as well as private donations to help those in need. Working for this organization allows her to give back to the community and help others. Her integral leadership has helped generate financial growth resulting in an outreach to more people.

Leaving Montana infused a deep appreciation for the simpler way of life and the friendly people. People in Montana still wave to each other while driving! Being near her family and the ranch that helped shape who she is today encouraged Kelsey’s move back to the Treasure State. She wants to be able to share Montana’s utter beauty and the unique way of life with her boys; she wants them to feel the deep roots of home. She resides in Lakeside where she can share experiences and make memories with her boys. Being on the water is a happy place for Kelsey. Being a good role model for her sons is what drives her to succeed, and she also has a passion for the hardworking lifestyle of life on the ranch, riding horses, anything sports related, and all things related to water: water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, fishing, and swimming!

Becoming a real estate agent allows Kelsey to combine all the things that she loves. While helping people, she can share her love for Montana and feed her competitive spirit to help you find the perfect property. She is up for the challenge of seeking out your dream home or landscape. Her life experiences give her valuable knowledge of farming and ranching. She sets the bar high and genuinely cares about her clients’ interests. She is eager to share all the wonders of Montana!