Our Team

Meeting new people is like coming across an undiscovered back road in Montana, you know it will lead to opportunity and inspiration! Working with people has always been Kaitlyn Lyders’ ultimate goal. Initially, she sought out to achieve this by attending Montana State University and acquiring her undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. Always anxious for knowledge, Kaitlyn achieved her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction concurrently with her teaching license. Life skills, finance, and family management were things she wanted to pass on to our youth in the classroom.

Kaitlyn grew up in Hardin raising sugar beets and some livestock on her family’s farm. While she was still young, her family moved to Belgrade and her farming days were on hold until 2018 when she met her husband farmer! Kaitlyn, her husband, and three children live in Chester on the Hi-Line in Montana. There, they watch their organic and conventional wheat dance in the breeze alongside, flax, lentils, kamut, and mustard.

After fulfilling her goal of teaching, Kaitlyn felt drawn to new adventures. Farming has a generational quality that like the seeds we sow, our families have unique and intricately woven stories. Kaitlyn recognized her passion for learning about people’s journeys and what their dreams are. With a sincere interest, she took the lead as an assistant to a real estate broker and a real estate investor. Adapting to the role quickly, she knew she had fallen in love with assisting clients through the many facets of a real estate transaction. The diversity in the industry is what Kaitlyn finds appealing keeping her on her toes and constantly learning new things. She is enthusiastic about living a life she created inspired by her ambitions, her family, and her love for travel.

Kaitlyn’s outgoing personality allows her to effectively communicate with people looking for assistance in their real estate endeavors. Her genuine interest and desire to help enable clients to trust her as their agent. Her direct honesty but warm and professional delivery will enhance your positive real estate experience. She values her clientele’s time so is prompt and efficient. Kaitlyn looks forward to traveling down country back roads visiting your farms and ranches and learning your history, your story. Let her be a part of your story and trust her with your real estate needs!