Our Team

I was born and raised on the island of Guam, a US Territory in the Pacific. My family and I lived in the beautiful state of Hawaii before the Air Force afforded us the opportunity to move to Montana over 18 years ago. My family and I quickly fell in love with this gorgeous, scenic state and its wonderful people, which is why Montana is now considered home. The concept of home is more than the geological location: it’s a connection between you and the world. My passion includes helping make Montana your new home.

Important real estate decisions often coincide with challenges and stress. I will provide comprehensive and high-quality service while displaying integrity and reliability to ensure a smooth transition. You can always count on having me by your side throughout the process each step of the way.

By working in real estate, I have the opportunity to meet new people and engage in a professional working relationship, one you can trust and depend on. I truly look forward to working with you, learning about your real estate needs, and gaining a new friend!

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