Our Team

Ben Castle grew up in Australia and started his first “professional” career at the age of thirteen when he became a fully sponsored windsurfer traveling the globe. When he was twenty, Ben joined his family’s real estate business in Noosa Heads, Queensland where the spark of interest in real estate was ignited under the tutelage of his mother. In his spare time, Ben started a sailing school and gave private lessons. One of his clients captained a luxury charter yacht. After instructing this captain on how to windsurf and sail a Catamaran, the gentleman offered Ben a position on his yacht, an offer he could not refuse. Ben was off to journey and travel the world again. Advancing in rank, Ben achieved the title of a super yacht Captain himself, transiting the Atlantic and Pacific several times and visiting about 88 countries in between at last count. In 2009, Ben’s passion for fly fishing, hunting and everything outdoors prompted his search for a possible location near the mountains. The mountains were calling and so the transition from ocean to forests had begun. After pondering his favorite things, Ben entered “trout river creek Montana” into the search and “Trout Creek, Montana” was one of the top hits. There must be trout in Trout Creek, Montana! After much research on the area and incredible information from an extremely knowledgeable realtor, he boarded a plane to visit this tiny town in northwestern Montana. Montana’s captivating beauty enchanted Ben. After only three days, he placed an offer on a beautiful piece of Montana! Remember that extremely knowledgeable realtor? Well, that would be Lisa Hampton of Corder & Associates who now happens to be his wife! Ben’s experience as a Captain has instilled a sentience for what is required and the importance of preparation, organization, and documentation. His attention to detail is second to none. He is passionate about Montana and helping people enjoy the process of selling or buying a property. People will often ask, “What’s the most beautiful place in the world you’ve visited?” The reply is always, “Montana.” These days, Ben’s hobbies are upland bird hunting with his Brittany, Sherman, developing and testing precision rifle loads and fishing any little “crik” in the middle of nowhere that might happen to hold a trout or two. He still loves to navigate, but that’s usually with Lisa, on a kayak, on a stream somewhere in northwestern Montana that you’ve never heard of or on a horse on some long forgotten back country road.