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New Power Project in Wyoming

Kemmerer, Wyoming, is making waves as an intriguing energy hub, generating 1% of the nation’s energy output. However, most of this energy is produced by 15 coal-fired plants, contributing significantly to carbon emissions. Construction is scheduled to commence in June on a multi-billion-dollar nuclear power plant backed by TerraPower, a company co-owned by Bill Gates and other investors. Named the Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project, this initiative aims to supply clean, dependable power to the grid through advanced nuclear reactor technology. The project, situated near a retiring coal facility, is the sole coal-to-nuclear endeavor globally and will create new job opportunities in western Wyoming for years to come, fostering growth in residential and commercial real estate development.

TerraPower estimates that the multi-year construction phase will employ up to 1,600 workers, with a permanent staff of 250 once operations begin. The Natrium plant will utilize liquid sodium for cooling instead of water, offering enhanced safety features such as a higher boiling point, increased heat absorption capacity, and self-sufficiency in operation without external energy sources. This design minimizes the risk of incidents like the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown. Additionally, the plant’s molten salt technology permits temporary power increases up to 500 megawatts for about five hours, resembling a rechargeable battery. Compared to traditional nuclear plants, Natrium facilities produce less radioactive waste, addressing environmental concerns. With only 14% of our electricity sourced from renewables like wind and solar, could TerraPower replicate its success in other coal-dependent towns like Colstrip, Montana?

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