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Land That Sells Repeatedly: What’s Wrong With It?

One of the number one questions that real estate agents get asked from buyers is, “Why are they selling? Is there something wrong with it? I see it was just purchased 2 years ago and now they’re selling. It must not be a good property.” Rarely is that the case. In fact, there are often numerous reasons why someone might be selling their Montana hunting property or their vacation retreat.

Most reasonably, sellers are putting their land up for sale because of life changes. Circumstances often change out of our control. For example, divorces, death, job changes, or family crises happen. Life throws curve balls and financial burdens can be relieved by selling property. People also change. Their priorities change. Needs change. What land once was the ultimate hunting base camp to take you away from life for the fall months maybe doesn’t make much sense anymore now that you have a newborn. Perhaps the long drive to the ranch on the bumpy gravel road is getting hard on your aging body and you’re ready to purchase a vacation home for your entire family to enjoy now. Property undoubtedly requires maintenance and upkeep and people go through different phases in life economically or financially. In addition, sellers that purchased for investment purposes may not be receiving the ROI that they desire. Logically, it makes sense to sell.

Whatever the reason, it rarely comes down to something “being wrong” with the land. The property may very well have served its purpose and sellers are moving on to a different chapter in their lives. If you find yourself in a position that has you questioning whether to sell or not, come visit with a qualified land expert. We can help lay out your options so that you can consider them and give them thought. Once you decide to sell, go for it. Find a company that can effectively market it and assists you in setting a fair price. There’s no shame in selling the land if you want to or need to. We have the tools to help and the experience to understand life changes! Leave the work to us, your experts in real estate, to get it sold so you can move on.

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