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Discovering Winter Delights in Colorado

Discover the best of Colorado in the wintertime! Looking for the perfect winter getaway? Look no further than Colorado! With countless options for outdoor activities, it’s an ideal destination for everyone. From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and ice climbing, there are endless ways to enjoy the snowy season.

Relax and rejuvenate in natural hot springs. There’s nothing like a warm soak in a mineral-water hot spring to ease your mind and body. With 29 hot springs to choose from, each with its own unique features, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for you. At the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, enjoy the serene waters while taking in the stunning views of snowcapped peaks. Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway offers a clothing-optional experience, complete with massaging waterfalls and lithium-water springs that promote relaxation. For those with mobility concerns, Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs is an accessible option, offering 16 pools of mineral waters with varying temperatures.

Enjoy some old-fashioned ice-skating fun at one of Colorado’s many outdoor rinks. Experience the thrill of gliding across the ice amidst stunning Colorado scenery at one of the state’s many outdoor ice-skating rinks. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting out, there’s nothing quite like the joy of skating in the fresh mountain air. Here are just a few of Colorado’s top outdoor rinks to explore:

  • Keystone Lake – Located in the heart of Keystone Resort, Keystone Lake offers 5 acres of frozen fun for skaters of all skill levels.
  • Evergreen Lake – With stunning views of the Rockies and a large skating surface, Evergreen Lake is a popular spot for families and skating enthusiasts alike.
  • Downtown Denver Rink at Skyline Park – This popular rink in downtown Denver offers a festive atmosphere and beautiful city views.
  • Telluride Town Park – Take in breathtaking mountain views while skating on this charming outdoor rink in picturesque Telluride.

No matter which rink you choose, you will have a memorable time enjoying this classic winter activity in beautiful Colorado.

The Colorado winter experience comprises many things, but none quite compare to the delight of a sleigh ride. The cozy blankets, the crisp air, and the rhythmic jingle of bells tied to strong horses are just a few of the things that characterize this unique experience. But the excitement hardly stops there. Gourmet dinners, local Colorado wines, warm fires, and indulgent desserts further enhance the experience. Instead of simply taking a ride around the track, these moments will become the highlights of your vacation and provide you with stories to share when you return home.

Winter anglers can enjoy the serene and peaceful environment that the season brings. Witnessing the early-morning light shimmering off a lake’s frozen ripples or spotting solitary animal prints tracking across the surface are just some of the tranquil rewards. The basic route of cutting a hole, setting up a chair, and waiting for a bite is a simple yet satisfying way to enjoy ice fishing. The experience goes beyond the catch.

Embark on a magical adventure through the breathtaking winter wonderlands of Colorado on a dog sledding tour. Envision the exhilaration of the crisp mountain air caressing your skin as a pack of spirited huskies guides you past snow-capped peaks and tranquil valleys. Dog sledding is fast becoming a popular Colorado adventure in snowy mountain towns.

Waterfalls are so beautiful that they are meant to be enjoyed the whole year! For experienced climbers, many frozen waterfalls can be transformed into ice walls, making for an exciting and challenging winter climbing adventure.

Are you in search of an exciting winter adventure? If you want to own land in this picturesque state and visit whenever you please, our team at Corder and Associates is licensed in Colorado and can help you find your ideal property.

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