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America’s Largest Landowner

Ever wonder who is the largest landowner in America? It is fun to learn some of the names and the astonishing number of acres these people own. The Land Report has a research team dedicated to finding the leading landowners. They utilize public records and transactions to learn about new acquisitions of land. In 2020, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was America’s largest farmland owner, with more than 260,000 acres.

Drum roll…the largest landowner in 2024 is Red Emmerson, with 2,411,000 acres spanning across California, Oregon, and Washington through their timber-products company, Sierra Pacific Industries. The number 2 spot goes to Liberty Media chairman John Malone, with 2,200,000 acres. CNN founder Ted Turner is number 3 with 2 million acres in the Southeast and across the Great Plains.

There is a list of the Top 100 that you can peruse through. You’ll see familiar names like the King Ranch Heirs, Jeff Bezos, and the Coffee Family of Miles City, Montana.

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