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Property Summary

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Executive Summary

A log-style residence sits on the peaceful plains of central Montana, where they converge with the rugged Rocky Mountain Front. This immaculate home offers breathtaking views of the snowcapped mountains, visible from its porches and expansive windows. Boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the cabin features an open main floor designed around a charming wood stove. Spanning 1,764 square feet on a 2-acre plot, the property includes a detached garage and a historic cabin with potential for renovation, ideal for use as a vacation rental or for historical preservation. Enclosed by a perimeter fence, the land invites residents to bring their horses, pets, or other animals, embracing a tranquil rural lifestyle in Montana. For those with an adventurous spirit, the Teton River flows just south of the property, while numerous reservoirs and lakes in proximity offer opportunities for fishing and boating. The majestic Bob Marshall Wilderness envelops the Rocky Mountain Front, providing a haven of unspoiled wilderness. Whether seeking a memorable hunting experience or scenic drives along gravel backroads, this property offers a gateway to a life of natural splendor and outdoor pursuits.

Local Area

Choteau, Montana is located in Montana’s heartland at the foothills of the Rocky Mountain Front. This charming destination has remarkable
recreational opportunities such as camping, swimming, hiking, skiing, wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting, shopping, golf and dinosaur digging! The area around Choteau was used by dinosaurs as a breeding ground millions of years ago! Egg Mountain is 12 miles west of Choteau. The mountain has supplied more information about the biology of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period than any other paleontology dig in the world!

Area Attractions

Pishkun Reservoir

Consisting of 1,550 surface area, this off stream storage reservoir was formed by eight earth fill dikes ranging in heights from 12 to 50 feet and spanning a length of 9,050 feet. Take advantage of the 13 miles of shoreline to engage in superb game fishing for Kokanee Salmon, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch and Rainbow Trout. The reservoir is located in a scenic area that is easily accessed with camping and a picnic shelter. The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks stock the reservoir annually with trout.

Teton Pass Ski Area

Located on the edge of the magnificent Rocky Mountain Front, the Teton Pass Ski Area has stunning scenery, diverse terrain and the most untouched snow of any ski hill around! Just east of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area and west of Choteau, the ski area covers 400 acres and has 43 downhill runs with access to backcountry skiing and snowmobiling trails. Enjoy the lack of lift lines and the friendly staff while being accommodated by a large day lodge, a restaurant/bar, ski school and rental shop.

Teton River

Starting east of the Rocky Mountain Front and flowing for more than 195 miles, the Teton River has a mixture of moderate and slow current. The river flows through the countryside giving life to ranch and farmlands. Once the river reaches Choteau, it becomes a warm water fishery and continues on to the Marias River. The best place to catch a Brown Trout is near Choteau and as the water gets warmer further down, Pike, Catfish and other bottom fish are frequently caught. This stretch of the Teton offers up as much solitude and peace for a float or fishing trip.


Wildlife viewing sites throughout Teton County allow opportunities for viewing mountain goats, bighorn sheep, elk, white-tailed and mule deer. Hikers can find solitude while taking on Antelope Butte, Castle Reef, Ear Mountain, Choteau Mountain, Mount Drouillard, Mount Frazier, Mount Patrick Gass, Mount Werner, Mount Wright, Old Baldy, Old Man of the Hills, Teton Peak and more. Fishing including fly fishing, bait fishing and ice fishing can be found at Bynum and Eureka Reservoirs, Gibson Dam, the Sun River, Teton River, Arod Lake and Pishkun Reservoir.

Rocky Mountain Front

This portion of Montana has a greater diversity of fish and wildlife than any other state in the US. With protection from the altering contours of the land and ample food from the surrounding farm fields, wildlife and birds alike flourish making this area a coveted destination during the hunting and fishing seasons. The area provides year-long habitat for mule and white tailed deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and antelope. In addition, other furbearers such as beaver, mink, muskrat, otter, weasel, badger, coyote, lynx, bobcat and mountain lion can all be found within a 100-mile radius. White-tail and mule deer maintain a healthy population here as it is a wintering destination for the species. Mule deer are often open country deer offering those with farm ground or acres such as these a treasure trove of delicious tasting, large,
beautiful bucks. Mule deer are not as shy as whitetails and are content with little cover or sparse brush. They have the distinctive large ears that stick out like a big V against a hillside. However, these big bucks, ones with a 30 inch inside antler spread, are quite challenging to track down. They prefer the rugged areas such as badlands and breaks. Glorious long walks through fields and up and down draws can reward you with a big mule deer buck. The open country can also provide the added challenge of bagging the swift antelope. These speed goats are all over
the countryside, so the challenge is waiting for your acceptance. The drainages and foothills provide cover, coulees, and water for superb mule and white-tailed deer hunting. The area offers some of the most prime bow hunting for white-tailed hunting in the entire state. There are also plenty of pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Rough Grouse, Blue Grouse, and Spruce Grouse. Bird watchers can revel in seeing Calliope, Rufus Hummingbird, Bluebird, Cassin Finch, Red Crossbill, Ferrungus Hawks, Pine Grosbeak and Western Tanager.

Glacier National Park

The coveted area nicknamed the “Crown of the Continent” for obvious reasons offers gems and views of gold in the state of Montana. With over 700 miles of trails through pristine forests, alpine meadows sprinkled with bright lovely wildflowers, rugged and tenacious mountains and spectacular sparkling lakes. Visit the historic chalets and lodges for a walk back in time or backpack, cycle, hike, or camp. While taking in the astounding sights of the glacier carved peaks and valleys, set your binoculars on a diverse range of wildlife of big horn sheep, mountain goats, deer, elk, ptarmigan, and both black and grizzly bear. This highway to heaven is a tough one to ever forget.

Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area

The Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area is located between Fairfield and Choteau and is known for the massive snow geese and tundra swan migrations that take place in the spring and fall. Flying all the way from the gulf states, as many as 300,000 snow geese and 10,000 tundra swans gather at the lake to rest before continuing on to the arctic coast of Canada.