Our Team

Samantha Yearry perceives life through the lens of her camera with an invigorating passion for the moments she captures. With her kids and aspirations as her motivating forces, Samantha seizes every opportunity in life to work hard and live intensely. As a third-generation Montanan, Samantha grew up in the Helena area and continues to reside there today. She has attended nursing school, has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and a degree in medical billing and coding. Her keen eye and attention to detail help her successfully operate her award-winning photography business. Samantha joins the Corder and Associates real estate team with a desire to connect with clients looking for their dream land or home. She seeks to help those looking to sell as they navigate through the next step on their life’s journey. Just as she tells a story through her photographs, Samantha appreciates being a part of another’s narrative!


Samantha’s family is as big as her dreams with eight kiddos in tow as they adventure under Montana’s big skies and open outdoors. She enjoys spending time exploring in the side-by-side, running, traveling, or mountain biking. Samantha is always up for any challenge! A license in real estate allows her to participate in land development where she can witness the fruits of hard work blossom into something amazing. Selling real estate in the state of Montana allows her to share the numerous attributes of the fresh mountain air and the friendly atmosphere full of welcoming communities. Being able to step out her back door and hike amongst wildlife and watch nature thrive is an inspiring reality that she is grateful for.


With her knowledge and experience, Samantha invites you to share your story with her so that she can assist you in your journey. Her determination and optimism make her a quality partner for all of your real estate needs!

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