Our Team

There’s something magical about watching a tiny wheat seed be placed in neat windrows by an enormous machine in a field of turned-over soil, emerge from the ground in luscious shades of green, and then climb toward Montana’s Big Sky bowing to the wind in rolling golden waves like that of a shaken-out blanket. Geraldine, Montana lies in the notorious Golden Triangle where Kyla Uribe grew up alongside the wheat and barley. Kyla embraced traveling from town to town for machinery parts essentially being the “gopher” for the family farm. She remembers the feeling of accomplishment after restoring a dusty and dirty grain bin to its clean state. Her laid-back and happy-go-lucky demeanor made her a valuable part of the farm as she cultivated the landscape and kept the farmstead tidy and was willing to help wherever needed.


Kyla carried with her that enthusiasm for nurturing and caring as she submerged herself in her own education to become a teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and feeds her passion as a Kindergarten teacher in Helena, Montana. Kyla brought her love of the outdoors and incorporates it into outdoor education through play and recreation! Her love for recreation motivates her to try new things! She enjoys CrossFit, playing basketball and volleyball, hiking, spending time on the water, and attending events that her children participate in. Ultimately, it is the great outdoors that gives her joy!


The opportunity arose for Kyla to jump into the real estate industry with Corder and Associates. Challenge motivates Kyla, so she is excited for the chance to help people find a space in Montana that they’d only ever dreamed about. Kyla has extensive knowledge of farming and a determined spirit to help share the mellow pace, lack of traffic, and gorgeous scenery of Montana with others hoping to find their piece of paradise. With her optimism and perpetual smile, she hopes to assist buyers and sellers in the tedious process and make it a positive experience. Bring your visions and goals! Kyla is anxious for the challenge. She also hopes to promote and create an outdoor educational program through her real estate endeavors so that she can continue to instill a love of learning and inspire children through her teaching.